.04 Approval of Courses.

A. The Board shall approve a course, seminar, or speaker session if it is:

(1) Relevant to the practice of electrology; and

(2) Offered by a:

(a) College or university approved by MHEC;

(b) State or national professional electrology association;

(c) Board-approved electrology program;

(d) Health department or hospital;

(e) American Red Cross; or

(f) American Heart Association.

B. Requests for Approval.

(1) If a course is not listed in §A of this regulation, an electrologist may request that the Board approve the course by submitting, in writing, at least 2 months before the course registration date, the following information on an application provided by the Board:

(a) Title, location, and date of the course;

(b) Sponsors;

(c) Course objectives and contents;

(d) Hours of study;

(e) Name, qualifications, and curriculum vitae of each presenter; and

(f) The specific information that relates to the CEU.

(2) CEU Credit for Renewal.

(a) CEUs shall be completed within the renewal period for which they are submitted between October 29th of the previous renewal period and October 28th of the present renewal period.

(b) CEUs do not carry over to the next renewal period.

(c) Credit will not be given for any CEU under §B(1) of this regulation unless the Board approves the program before the licensee attends an event.

(3) The Board shall notify the applicant of the Board's decision.

(4) An application for reapproval shall be made if there is a change of subject matter, length, or presenter of a course.