.03 Theory Program.

A. A theory program shall:

(1) Be taught by a licensed electrology instructor;

(2) Consist of at least 200 hours; and

(3) Administer the theoretical study in not less than five sessions consisting of not more than 6 hours in each of the following subjects:

(a) Introduction, which shall include:

(i) The history and definition of electrology; and

(ii) State laws and regulations governing the practice of electrology and requirements for licensure;

(b) Anatomy of skin and hair;

(c) Physiology of skin and hair;

(d) Bacteriology;

(e) Sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization procedures as described in COMAR 10.53.09;

(f) Dermatology;

(g) Neurology;

(h) Cardiovascular system;

(i) Endocrine system, with emphasis on adrenal glands and ovaries;

(j) Hirsutism, including causes, testing, and treatment;

(k) Alternative methods of hair removal;

(l) Contraindications for electrolysis treatments;

(m) Taking patient history; and

(n) Professional ethics as set forth in COMAR 10.53.05.

B. Members of the Committee shall be permitted to monitor the course at any time.