.04 Clinical Program.

A. A clinical program shall:

(1) Be taught by a licensed electrology instructor;

(2) Consist of at least 400 hours;

(3) Administer the clinical training in a semester consisting of not less than 3 months; and

(4) Ensure that each day of clinical study consists of not more than:

(a) 6 hours of training; or

(b) 2 hours of training if on the same day as theory instruction.

B. There shall be at least one licensed instructor in attendance at all times for ten students or less. A student may not be assigned in any capacity to instruct another student.

C. The curriculum shall include:

(1) Introduction, which shall include:

(a) The definition of electrology; and

(b) State laws and regulations governing the practice of electrology and requirements for licensure;

(2) Professional ethics as set forth in COMAR 10.53.05;

(3) Case history and record keeping;

(4) Consultation;

(5) Electrolysis, thermolysis, and the blend;

(6) Electricity;

(7) Needle types and performance;

(8) Sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization procedures as described in COMAR 10.53.09;

(9) Structure and dynamics of hair;

(10) Regrowth;

(11) Interpretation of hair growth patterns;

(12) Evaluation of tissue before, during, and after treatment;

(13) Draping, positioning, and lighting;

(14) Post-treatment;

(15) Insertions and epilations;

(16) Adverse reactions and contraindications of all hair removal methods;

(17) Normal and abnormal healing;

(18) Scheduling of appropriate follow-up treatments;

(19) Developing a practice; and

(20) Review of theory and clinical studies.

D. An electrology program shall be taught in a facility that complies with Regulation .05 of this chapter.