.01 Electrologist's Office.

A. A licensee shall practice in an office that provides at minimum the following:

(1) Separate treatment and waiting room;

(2) Each treatment room at least 48 square feet;

(3) One sink with hot and cold running water in or adjoining each treatment room;

(4) Adequate lighting;

(5) Adequate ventilation;

(6) Sanitary conditions;

(7) Toilet facilities;

(8) Separate outside entrance leading directly to the waiting room if the office is within or adjacent to living quarters; and

(9) A completely separate and distinct office area from the living quarters.

B. Offices maintained in a home shall comply with all local zoning laws. A copy of the zoning approval shall be submitted to the Board 30 days before opening an office in a residence.

C. Electrologists shall notify the Board by certified mail 30 days before opening an office or branch office.

D. Electrologists shall notify the Board in writing of their business address or any change of business address.

E. An office shall be made available for inspection within 4 hours notice, by members of the Board or its agents.