.01 Equipment.

A. Electrologists shall use only Board-approved modalities which are:

(1) Electrolysis;

(2) Thermolysis; or

(3) The blend.

B. Electronic tweezer or nonneedle methods are not defined as within the practice of electrology.

C. Epilators shall be approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and conform to federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards relating to these devices.

D. Epilators shall be maintained in proper working condition.

E. Optimum timing and intensity shall be used during treatment to effect proper epilation of hair and to avoid tweezing.

F. A professional lamp and magnification shall be used to view area during treatment.

G. A professional treatment table or chair shall be used to administer treatments.

H. A clean head towel or drape sheet shall be used for each patient.

I. Each office shall contain and use sterilization equipment according to COMAR 10.53.09.

J. Fresh disposable paper drapes shall be used on the treatment table or chair for each patient. Paper drapes shall be stored in a closed cabinet. Soiled disposable items shall be discarded into a container lined with a plastic bag, securely fastened, and removed daily.

K. Each treatment room shall have a covered trash container.

L. Smoking is prohibited in the treatment room.

M. A clean lab coat or uniform is acceptable attire.