.02 Cleansing Procedures.

A. Prior to sterilization as required in Regulation .03 of this chapter, needles and probes shall be:

(1) Mechanically precleaned as follows:

(a) Cleansed with a clean cotton ball or swab moistened with a low-residue detergent and cool water;

(b) Accumulated in a holding container by submersion in a low-residue detergent and cool water; and

(c) Then, thoroughly rinsed with warm water and drained;

(2) Then, cleaned by soaking in a protein-dissolving detergent enzyme cleaner or in an ultrasound cleaning unit according to manufacturer's instructions; and

(3) Rinsed and dried.

B. Transfer forceps and holding containers shall be cleaned and sterilized daily or more frequently if visibly contaminated.

C. Unused instruments in containers and containers that have been opened shall be resterilized after a 24-hour period.