.10 Vehicles Being Titled Because of Court Orders.

A. An applicant for a title for a vehicle being titled as a result of a court order shall provide the Administration with:

(1) An application for a certificate of title; and

(2) A writ of mandamus or show cause order.

B. The Administration shall refuse to issue a certificate of title if:

(1) The court order does not clearly indicate that the Administration is to take the ordered action;

(2) A lien shows on the previous Maryland record and a security interest termination statement for each lien is not furnished;

(3) The vehicle is not fully described by year, make, and VIN;

(4) A salvage certificate has been previously issued in this State or another state and an inspection from a police officer in this State authorized to inspect salvage vehicles is not furnished; or

(5) A salvage certificate had been previously issued containing the brand "Not Rebuildable — Parts Only — Not To Be Retitled" or an equivalent term.