.03 Procedures When a Certain Physical or Mental Condition Is Indicated.

Upon receipt of an application for a driver’s license, or renewal of a driver’s license, on which an individual has indicated that the individual has been treated for any of the listed disorders, or when an individual is referred to the Medical Advisory Board by the Administrator for any other reason, the Administration shall follow the procedures set forth below:

A. The Administration may require the individual to obtain from the individual's physician a report indicating the onset of the condition, the physician's diagnosis and prognosis and the medication being prescribed. The individual shall forward the physician's report to the Medical Advisory Board of the Administration.

B. When the Medical Advisory Board receives the physician's report, a determination shall be made as to whether the physical or mental condition indicated in the report is of the type that might impair the individual's ability to operate a motor vehicle. If a determination is made that the condition might do so, the individual may be scheduled to appear before a physician of the Medical Advisory Board for an interview. At this interview the individual will be given the opportunity to present additional medical information on the individual's own behalf and will be required to answer any questions asked by the physician conducting the interview.

C. If an individual is asked to appear for an interview before a physician of the Medical Advisory Board, the individual shall be:

(1) Notified in writing of the physical or mental condition being evaluated by the Board; and

(2) Notified of the name of the physician who is conducting the interview and the physician's medical specialty.