.24 Suspension and Revocation of Instructor Certification.

A. The Administration may suspend or revoke an individual's instructor certification if the individual:

(1) Has a suspended or revoked driver's license;

(2) Has a driving record with four or more points;

(3) Fails to comply with the regulations, rules, procedures, and guidelines established by the Administration for conducting approved motorcycle safety courses, operating a training center, and obtaining certification as an instructor; or

(4) Acts in a manner that in the Administration's view is:

(a) Unsafe for individuals participating in an approved course; or

(b) Detrimental to the State's motorcycle safety program.

B. The Administration shall notify the individual, in writing, of the starting and ending dates of a suspension or revocation, and of the individual's opportunity to request a hearing under Transportation Article, 12-208—12-209, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. An individual whose instructor certification has been suspended or revoked by the Administration may not:

(1) Teach approved motorcycle safety courses at a training center; or

(2) Be associated with the operation of a training center for the period of time designated by the Administration.

D. On notification of a suspension or revocation from the Administration, the individual shall surrender the individual's instructor certificate and instructor identification card to the Administration.

E. Certified motorcycle safety instructors who do not fulfill the requirement of teaching two complete approved courses per year shall have their certification suspended for 180 days and shall complete the actions designated by the Administration to reactivate their certification.