.08 Record and Report Requirements for a Drivers' School.

A. A drivers' school shall maintain for 3 years in a secure location, in hard copy or electronic format, records and reports of all business activities of the school. These records shall include:

(1) Instructor employment records;

(2) Training vehicle insurance, maintenance, inspection, and registration records;

(3) Surety bond certificates;

(4) Results of tests and evaluations administered to each student;

(5) The number of students trained annually; and

(6) Signed student rights and responsibilities forms provided in accordance with COMAR

B. Records shall be made available to the Administration during the school's posted business hours.

C. If the records of a drivers' school become lost, mutilated, or destroyed, the school shall notify the Administration immediately, in writing, and state the date and circumstances involving the loss, mutilation, or destruction of the records.

D. A school shall immediately notify the Administration of any vehicular crash involving a training vehicle resulting in a fatality.

E. Effective January 1, 2010, a school shall electronically submit an annual report to the Administration by January 31st for the previous calendar year in the format required by the Administration. The report shall include the number of students trained annually and each student's name, soundex or license number, and date of birth.