.12 Driving Instructor License.

A. Under Transportation Article, Title 15, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland, an individual shall be licensed by the Administration as a driving instructor in order to provide instruction in driving of motor vehicles if the individual receives or expects to receive compensation for the instruction.

B. A licensed instructor may not provide instruction in the driving of a motor vehicle for compensation unless employed by a drivers' school licensed by the Administration.

C. An individual may be licensed by the Administration to provide:

(1) Behind-the-wheel instruction only;

(2) Classroom instruction only; or

(3) Both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

D. A driving instructor license may not be transferred, sold, or assigned.

E. A driving instructor may only teach the driver education program courses under Transportation Article, Title 16, Subtitle 5, Annotated Code of Maryland, if licensed under this chapter and certified by the Administration under COMAR 11.23.02.