.15 Applying for a Driving Instructor License.

A. A licensed school shall ensure that a prospective driving instructor's application is complete and contains all the required documents and information.

B. The application for licensing shall be submitted to the Administration accompanied by:

(1) The license fee set forth in COMAR 11.11.05;

(2) Documentation of the successful completion of the required training and certification to teach the courses;

(3) A copy of the applicant's high school certificate, its equivalent, or college degree;

(4) A dated official receipt verifying that fingerprinting has been completed and a criminal background check has been requested;

(5) A copy of the applicant's driving record for the past 3 years issued by the driving license authority of the applicant's state of licensure;

(6) Certification by the applicant there are no reportable medical conditions; and

(7) A statement certifying under penalty of perjury whether the applicant has ever had a drivers' school instructor license or school certification revoked in Maryland or any other state.