.16 Driving Instructor License Requirements.

A. An instructor license may not be transferred, sold, or assigned.

B. A driving instructor identification badge shall be issued by the Administration to a licensed instructor at the time of licensure.

C. The driving instructor identification badge shall be worn by the instructor, in full view at all times, when functioning in the capacity of an instructor.

D. An instructor:

(1) Shall teach the courses in accordance with the program curriculum approved by the Administration for the licensed school;

(2) Shall maintain a valid driver's license to drive the class of vehicle in which instruction is to be given with no driving restrictions, except for:

(a) Corrective lenses; or

(b) A restriction issued under Transportation Article, §16-203, Annotated Code of Maryland, for child support arrearages;

(3) May not have more than four active points on their current driving record;

(4) Shall maintain satisfactory data on their criminal history record, which means having no pending charges or criminal convictions for:

(a) Fraud;

(b) A crime of moral turpitude;

(c) A sex offense;

(d) Contributing to the delinquency of a minor;

(e) An offense involving a controlled dangerous substance;

(f) An offense involving alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle; or

(g) A felony involving the use of a motor vehicle;

(5) Shall disclose any reportable medical conditions;

(6) Shall report to the Administration, in writing, any change in the information supplied in the latest application or renewal form within 30 days of any change; and

(7) Shall continuously follow all the requirements of this chapter.