.17 Renewing a Driving Instructor License.

A. An instructor license is valid for 2 years from the date issued and shall automatically expire at the end of 2 years, unless renewed by the Administration in accordance with the requirements set forth in this chapter.

B. To qualify for renewal of an instructor license, the instructor shall:

(1) Have demonstrated proficiency in teaching the approved curriculum of instruction; and

(2) Submit a renewal application on a form required by the Administration, accompanied by:

(a) The required license fee set forth in COMAR 11.11.05; and

(b) Certification from the licensed school that the instructor is in compliance with all the laws, regulations, policies, and rules governing providing instruction in the operating of a motor vehicle.

C. Before the Administration approves a renewal, a licensed instructor shall resolve pending charges and complaints and take appropriate remedial action while the current license remains in force.

D. An instructor license shall be considered expired on the expiration date if the completed application for renewal was not received by the Administration at least 2 calendar weeks before expiration, as set forth in State Government Article, §10-226, Annotated Code of Maryland.

E. Any instructor who submits a renewal application to the Administration after the license has expired shall:

(1) Reapply for a license and meet all the license application requirements; and

(2) Demonstrate proficiency in teaching the approved curriculum of instruction, as determined by the Administration.