.20 Drivers' School Business Office Requirements.

A. A business office of a licensed drivers' school shall:

(1) Be its principal place of business having a legal Maryland address;

(2) Comply with all State and local building, zoning, fire and safety regulations, codes, and standards for use as a business office;

(3) Be equipped with:

(a) A telephone with either voicemail or an answering machine; and

(b) A computer with email access;

(4) Clearly identify and display the drivers' school's name on an exterior sign, a lobby listing, or interior door sign;

(5) Be open for business to the public and open for inspection by the Administration during posted business hours; and

(6) Be clean, orderly, and suitable for conducting business.

B. A drivers' school business office shall be inspected and approved by the Administration before a drivers' school license is issued.

C. A drivers' school business office being relocated within the same building or being moved to a different site shall be inspected and approved by the Administration before being used by the drivers' school as a business office.

D. The following shall be prominently displayed in the school's business office:

(1) The drivers' school license;

(2) Office hours;

(3) Fees for courses and remedial or additional training;

(4) Procedure for obtaining refunds from the school; and

(5) Procedures for filing complaints about the school with the Administration.

E. An office shall be in a permanent building at a fixed location with a legal business address.

F. A portable structure, preengineered building, or mobile home is a permanent building if it:

(1) Is installed on a permanent foundation with conventional utility hookups; and

(2) Has been approved by the Administration.

G. If the physical design of a building requires that the classroom and adjacent business office share the same space, the business office hours shall be adjusted so that the office is not open to the public while classes are in session.