.21 Classroom Requirements.

A. Classrooms shall be inspected and approved by the Administration before being used for instruction.

B. Classrooms in educational institutions regulated by the Maryland State Department of Education or the Maryland Higher Education Commission need not be inspected by the Administration.

C. A classroom shall:

(1) Be in a permanent building at a fixed location with an actual address for delivery of mail that is not a post office box or mail drop address;

(2) Comply with all State and local building, zoning, fire and safety regulations, codes and standards, for use as a classroom, including an up-to-date posted certificate identifying the maximum occupant capacity for all classrooms used for instruction or to administer tests;

(3) Meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements;

(4) Have adequate student seating and writing surfaces, an instructor's desk or podium, and room for storage of materials;

(5) Have heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in good repair that keep students comfortable while classroom sessions are being conducted;

(6) Be clean, orderly, and suitable for conducting instruction; and

(7) Be free from visible or audible activities other than instructional activities.

D. A portable structure, preengineered building, or mobile home is a permanent building if it:

(1) Is installed on a permanent foundation with conventional utility hookups; and

(2) Has been approved by the Administration.

E. A classroom being relocated within the same building and a classroom being moved to a different site shall be inspected and approved by the Administration before being used for instruction.

F. If the physical design of the building requires that a classroom and an adjacent business office share the same space, the business office hours shall be adjusted so that the office is not open to the public while classes are in session.