.22 Training Vehicle Requirements.

A. A licensed drivers' school shall provide appropriately equipped training vehicles that comply with this regulation for instruction in driving motor vehicles.

B. Except as otherwise provided in §C of this regulation or with prior approval by the Administration, all training vehicles shall be titled and registered in the name of the driving school.

C. A drivers' school:

(1) Shall maintain motor vehicle liability insurance on each training vehicle in the amount set forth in Transportation Article, §17-103, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(2) Shall service, clean, and maintain training vehicles on a regular schedule;

(3) Shall have a training vehicle inspected annually by a licensed State inspection station;

(4) Shall immediately remove from service a training vehicle with any condition that is not in compliance with Maryland inspection standards; and

(5) May not use a training vehicle for instruction unless it has passed the annual Maryland inspection, except for a new vehicle titled in the past year from a manufacturer's certificate of origin.

D. A copy of the annual State inspection certificate for a training vehicle shall be submitted within 1 business day to the Administration and the original certificate shall be filed at the school's business office.

E. The vehicle registration card and a copy of the required insurance certificate for a training vehicle shall be kept in the training vehicle's glove compartment.

F. Signs or other devices the Administration determines may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle may not be attached or affixed to a training vehicle and shall be removed immediately at the direction of the Administration.

G. A drivers' school shall notify the Administration, in writing, within 1 business day of the addition or removal of a training vehicle by providing:

(1) The vehicle's year, make, tag number, and vehicle identification number; and

(2) Insurance and inspection certificates required under §§D and E of this regulation, if a training vehicle is being added.