.16 Qualifications for Instructor Certification.

A. To qualify for certification as an instructor, an applicant shall be licensed under Transportation Article, Title 15, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland, as an instructor and be in compliance with all the laws, regulations, rules, and policies pertaining to that license.

B. An applicant requesting certification as an instructor:

(1) Shall be 21 years old or older;

(2) Shall possess a high school certificate, its equivalent, or a college degree;

(3) Shall possess a valid driver's license issued by Maryland or another state to drive the class of vehicle in which instruction is to be given, and may not have any driving restrictions, except for:

(a) Corrective lenses; or

(b) A restriction issued under Transportation Article §16-203, Annotated Code of Maryland, for child support arrearages;

(4) May not have more than four active points on their current driving record;

(5) May not have any pending charges or criminal convictions for:

(a) Fraud in the operation of providing instruction;

(b) A crime of moral turpitude;

(c) A sex offense;

(d) Contributing to the delinquency of a minor; or

(e) An offense within the last 3 years involving:

(i) A controlled dangerous substances;

(ii) Alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle; or

(iii) A felony involving the use of a motor vehicle;

(6) May not have any reportable medical conditions;

(7) May not have any outstanding complaints or pending charges for alleged violations that if proven would constitute grounds for refusal, cancellation, suspension, or revocation of the instructor's certification, driver's license, or driving instructor's license;

(8) Shall have first been approved as an apprentice instructor;

(9) Shall have successfully completed the required instructor certification courses approved by the Administration; and

(10) Shall have successfully passed a final skills evaluation to demonstrate competency and proficiency in teaching both the behind-the-wheel and the classroom instruction of the program.