.32 Classroom Operation Requirements.

A. Under Transportation Article, §16-505, Annotated Code of Maryland, a student shall complete a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction.

B. The classroom instruction of the driver education course curriculum shall be taught by:

(1) A certified instructor; or

(2) An apprentice instructor under the supervision of an experienced certified instructor.

C. A certified school shall conduct the classroom instruction of the driver education course curriculum approved by the Administration in its entirety:

(1) According to the standards established by the Administration; and

(2) In the sequence approved by the Administration.

D. Other than items already in the approved curriculum, any textbooks, videos, worksheets, fact sheets, and any other supporting materials that students may use throughout the course shall be approved by the Administration before use.

E. The maximum number of individuals a certified school may enroll for one driver education course may not exceed 30 individuals or the maximum number of students allowed under the pertinent zoning and fire codes, whichever is lower.

F. A school:

(1) Shall request approval in writing from the Administration for a class size greater then 30 students, even if permitted under fire and zoning codes, which approval may not be unreasonably withheld; and

(2) If denied approval for a class size greater than 30 students, may request a hearing under Transportation Article, §12-203, Annotated Code of Maryland, to demonstrate that approval of a class size greater than 30 students is reasonable.

G. Individuals other than those enrolled in the driver education course may be permitted to be in the approved classroom during the classroom instruction as long as:

(1) The posted maximum occupancy capacity for the room is not exceeded;

(2) Visitors or observers present photo identification and sign a log form kept by the certified school;

(3) There are individual seats for everyone in the room; and

(4) The additional individuals do not interfere with or interrupt the instruction being provided.

H. Individuals permitted in the classroom during the classroom instruction other than those enrolled in the driver education course are:

(1) Individuals making up missed classroom instruction;

(2) Parents, guardians, or supervising drivers for individuals enrolled in the course;

(3) Administration staff conducting compliance or quality assurance visits;

(4) Approved instructor trainers conducting instructor certification courses;

(5) A certified instructor supervising an apprentice instructor;

(6) An apprentice instructor;

(7) A certified school employee responsible for observing and evaluating the instructor's performance;

(8) Parents or guardians of potential students interested in evaluating the instruction and operation of a certified school;

(9) Individuals designated and approved by the Administration to evaluate or conduct research on the driver education program; and

(10) An interpreter for the hearing impaired.

I. A driver education school shall permit the Administration to enter the classroom and observe the instruction and operations of the classroom.

J. A driver education school may not schedule classroom instruction:

(1) For more than 3 hours in one day;

(2) To start before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m.; or

(3) To end after 9:30 p.m.

K. A minimum rest period of 15 minutes shall be provided to course participants at the end of each 90-minute period of instruction.

L. The time provided for rest periods or meal intermissions may not be counted as classroom instructional time.

M. Classroom instruction shall not exceed 3 hours per day.

N. A certified school shall make up all missed classroom instruction if the scheduled instruction is canceled or postponed.