.34 Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Requirements.

A. Under Transportation Article, §16-505, Annotated Code of Maryland, a student shall complete a minimum of 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.

B. The behind-the-wheel instruction of the driver education program shall be taught by:

(1) A certified instructor; or

(2) An apprentice instructor under supervision of an experienced certified instructor.

C. A certified school shall conduct the behind-the-wheel instruction of the driver education course curriculum only for a student that has a valid learner's permit.

D. An instructor shall verify that the individual receiving the behind-the-wheel instruction has a valid learner's permit prior to providing the instruction.

E. Certified schools shall conduct the behind-the-wheel instruction of the driver education course curriculum according to the standards established by the Administration.

F. Behind-the-wheel instruction shall be conducted:

(1) In an approved training vehicle as set forth in Regulation .33 of this chapter; and

(2) On routes that:

(a) Are preplanned, documented, and available at the driver education school office and in the training vehicle for review by the Administration;

(b) Allow a student to practice the concepts taught in the classroom; and

(c) Achieve the objectives of the approved curriculum of instruction.

G. Behind-the-wheel instruction shall:

(1) Be based on a written lesson plan with routes that support the concepts and objectives in the approved curriculum of instruction;

(2) Provide a student with an opportunity to operate the training vehicle on a variety of traffic mixes and conditions;

(3) Emphasize the knowledge, skills, and behavior needed to safely operate a motor vehicle;

(4) Be scheduled in a manner that allows for:

(a) Debriefing periods during the session for the instructor to review activities and evaluate performance;

(b) A student to complete the learning activities in the approved sequence; and

(c) A student to complete missed instruction in a reasonable time frame;

(5) Include time for remedial and additional instruction as needed;

(6) Include evaluation of a student's performance based on the learning objectives in the approved driver education curriculum; and

(7) Include documentation of the evaluation results on a form approved by the Administration.

H. Any time provided for rest periods or meal intermissions may not be counted as part of the minimum 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.

I. The certified school shall develop a schedule and assign instructors and training vehicles so that individuals participating in a course may complete the required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction within 18 weeks or longer on request of the student.

J. Behind-the-wheel instruction for a student operating a training vehicle may not exceed 2 hours.

K. An instructor shall be seated in the front passenger seat at all times during the behind-the-wheel instruction.

L. During an enrolled student's behind-the-wheel instruction, only two observers at a time may be permitted to ride along and shall be limited to:

(1) Students enrolled in the program;

(2) Approved instructor trainers conducting instructor certification courses;

(3) A certified instructor supervising an apprentice instructor;

(4) An apprentice instructor;

(5) Parents or guardians of students enrolled in the program;

(6) A representative of the driving school management involved in a quality assurance function;

(7) A representative from the Administration; or

(8) An interpreter.

M. Time spent observing an instructor or another student completing a behind-the-wheel instruction may not be counted as part of the minimum 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.