.36 Student Performance Criteria.

A. To successfully complete the program, a student shall:

(1) Attend and participate in all required classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction;

(2) Achieve a minimum passing score of 80 percent on the final knowledge examination; and

(3) Achieve a minimum passing score of 80 percent on the final behind-the-wheel evaluation.

B. A student may miss 12 hours or less of classroom instruction and continue the course. A student shall make up any instruction missed before a school may submit a program completion certification to the Administration.

C. A school shall provide make-up instruction, within a reasonable time frame, for a student who misses 12 hours or less of classroom instruction.

D. Students may not continue to participate in the program if they:

(1) Consistently arrive late for the course instruction or consistently leave course instruction early;

(2) Miss more than 12 hours of classroom instruction; or

(3) Act in a disruptive manner.

E. An instructor shall continuously evaluate the students' performance and provide remedial or additional instruction as required.

F. A certified school may charge a student an additional fee for remedial and additional instruction.

G. If a school does not allow a student to continue participating in the program, the school shall:

(1) Notify the student and parent or guardian of a student under 18 years of age; and

(2) Fully document the reasons and details of problems in the student's records.