.01 Requirements — Personal Financial Literacy Instructional Programs for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students.

A. Each local school system shall provide in public schools an instructional program in personal financial literacy in the elementary, middle, and high school learning years.

B. Personal Financial Literacy Program. The comprehensive instructional program shall provide for the diversity of student needs, abilities, and interests at the early, middle, and high school learning years. Each local school system shall include the content standards in §§C-H of this regulation in its curriculum.

C. Make Informed, Financially Responsible Decisions. Students shall apply financial literacy reasoning in order to make informed, financially responsible decisions.

D. Relate Careers, Education and Income. Students shall relate choices regarding their education and career paths to earning potential.

E. Plan and Manage Money. Students shall develop skills to plan and manage money effectively by identifying financial goals and developing spending plans.

F. Manage Credit and Debt. Students shall develop skills to make informed decisions about incurring debt and maintaining creditworthiness.

G. Create and Build Wealth. Students shall develop skills to plan and achieve long-term goals related to saving and investing in order to build financial security and wealth.

H. Manage Risks and Preserve Wealth. Students shall develop financial planning skills to minimize financial setbacks.

I. Curriculum Documents. Each local school system shall provide personal financial literacy curriculum documents for the elementary and secondary schools under its jurisdiction that:

(1) Include the content standards described in §§C-H of this regulation; and

(2) Are aligned with the State curriculum as developed by the Maryland State Department of Education in collaboration with local school systems.

J. Student Participation. Each student shall have the opportunity to participate in the personal financial literacy program required by this chapter.