.01 Public School Library Programs.

A. Each local school system shall establish in each school a unified school library media program for the use of all students which shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) An organized and centrally managed collection of instructional materials and technologies;

(2) Instruction emphasizing information literacy skills integrated into all content areas;

(3) Appropriate materials and technologies to support the instructional programs of the local school systems; and

(4) Certified school library media personnel and support staff.

B. The school library media program shall be integrated with the local school system's instructional programs by having certified school library media personnel:

(1) Participate in the development and implementation of all educational programs;

(2) Instruct students, in cooperation with other teachers, in information literacy skills including reading, research, and critical thinking skills which have been integrated into other areas of the curriculum.

C. Each local school system shall develop and implement a plan for its school library media program which shall include the following goals and subgoals to:

(1) Provide direct instruction to help students become information literate through the achievement of the following learner outcomes:

(a) Locating and using information resources including technologies,

(b) Reviewing, evaluating, and selecting materials for an identified information need,

(c) Learning and applying reading, research, and critical thinking skills to organize information,

(d) Comprehending content in various types of media,

(e) Retrieving and managing information,

(f) Demonstrating an appreciation of literature and other creative expressions as sources of information and recreation,

(g) Creating materials in various formats,

(h) Applying ethical behavior to the use of information;

(2) Support instruction by:

(a) Collaborating with school and system level staff as well as with other individuals and organizations,

(b) Participating in curriculum development implementation and evaluation,

(c) Providing resources to support instruction,

(d) Providing professional development services;

(3) Provide services which include but are not limited to:

(a) Evaluating and selecting instructional materials and technologies in accordance with local board of education policies,

(b) Implementing procedures for the acquisition, organization, circulation, and removal of instructional materials and technologies,

(c) Providing reference and information assistance for specific requests,

(d) Promoting instructional materials, technologies, and services to students, staff, parents, and the community,

(e) Providing access to people and information outside the school community;

(4) Provide personnel who include:

(a) Certified school library media personnel with technical and clerical assistance at the school building level to organize and operate a school library media program,

(b) Central office leadership and technical and clerical assistance to support and coordinate the school library media program;

(5) Make accessible a comprehensive and organized collection of selected instructional materials and technologies according to policies established by local boards of education;

(6) Provide an adequate physical facility which is accessible and conducive to learning.

D. Each local school system shall have school library media program implementation documents which are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis. These documents shall include:

(1) Selection and removal policies and procedures;

(2) Curriculum and instruction documents for teaching information literacy skills including reading, research, and critical thinking skills;

(3) Handbooks or manuals of operational procedures.

E. Each local school system superintendent shall certify to the State Superintendent that the elementary and secondary school library media programs meet or are working towards meeting the requirements set forth in these regulations, according to the periodic review schedule established by the State Department of Education.

F. The State Department of Education shall implement a procedure for conducting periodic reviews of local school system school library media programs in order to identify program and professional development needs that exist in library media programs. The Department shall submit a copy of the results of its periodic review to the appropriate local school system superintendent.