.12 Arrests on School Premises.

A. When possible and appropriate, arrest by police should be made during nonschool hours and away from the school premises.

B. When an arrest on school premises during the school hours is necessary, the responsible school official shall ascertain the facts from the arresting officer which will enable the school official to fully advise the parent or guardians and other school officials of the nature of the charge, the identity of the arresting officer, and the location of the student.

C. When an arrest has taken place on school premises or during school hours, every effort shall be made by school officials to inform the parent or guardians immediately and thereafter promptly to advise the local superintendent of schools.

D. Arrest on school premises during school hours shall be effectuated in such a manner as to avoid both embarrassment to the student being arrested and jeopardizing the safety and welfare of other students.

E. School officials may not permit questioning of a student under arrest on the school premises and shall request the arresting officer to remove the student from the premises as soon as practicable after the arrest is made.

F. Beginning in the 2015—2016 school year, data on school arrests shall be reported in a manner and format developed by the Department, in consultation with local school systems, and approved by the State Board.