.03 Program Records.

The provider or substitute shall:

A. Negotiate and maintain a written agreement with the child's parent that specifies:

(1) The fees for and provision of care;

(2) The provider's child discipline policy;

(3) The presence at the home of any pet animals;

(4) If applicable, the use of volunteers in the family child care program; and

(5) If overnight care is to be provided to the child, the sleeping arrangements approved by the parent;

B. For each child enrolled in care, maintain a written record of each day's attendance in care that is verified by the child's parent;

C. Maintain a record of each day on which a substitute provides care;

D. If applicable, maintain a record of each volunteer in the family child care program that includes:

(1) The date on which the volunteer received the child health and safety orientation required in COMAR 13A.15.06.05A(2); and

(2) If a volunteer is present at the home:

(a) A brief statement of the volunteer's duties; and

(b) And if present more than once per week, a medical evaluation of the volunteer that was completed within 12 months before the start of the volunteer’s duties;

E. Document that, on or before the date of a child’s admission to care, the child’s parent was given, or was advised how to obtain, information that is supplied by the office concerning:

(1) Consumer education on child care; and

(2) How to file a complaint with the office against a child care provider;

F. Record the date and time of each fire evacuation drill and emergency and disaster drill required by this subtitle;

G. Document that the health and safety training, specified at COMAR 13A.15.06.02A(4) and B(1), was completed by the end of each 12-month period, measured from the date of initial registration; and

H. Maintain each document and record required by this regulation for at least 2 years after its creation.