.05 Notifications.

The provider or substitute shall:

A. Within 24 hours of its occurrence, notify the office of:

(1) The death of a child, if the child died:

(a) While in the care of the provider or substitute; or

(b) Of a contagious disease; and

(2) Any injury to a child that occurs while the child is at the family child care home in the care of the provider or substitute that results in:

(a) The child being treated by a medical professional;

(b) The child being admitted to a hospital; or

(c) The death of the child;

B. If a child has an injury or accident while in attendance:

(1) Report immediately to the child's parent any serious injury or accident; and

(2) Report any nonserious injury or accident to the child's parent on the same day it occurs;

C. Notify the office immediately of any change that might affect the status of the registration, such as:

(1) A change in residents, operation, telephone number, or the provider's residence;

(2) A pending criminal charge against:

(a) An individual who has responsibilities for supervising children in care; or

(b) A resident in the home; or

(3) Any other situation involving the home that may present a risk to the health, safety, or welfare of children in care there, including, but not limited to, a report of domestic violence or the issuance of a protective order involving the provider or a resident in the home;

D. Within 5 working days after an existing resident becomes 18 years old, or after there is a new resident in the home who is 18 years old or older:

(1) Submit to the office a signed and notarized release form giving the office permission to examine records of abuse and neglect of children and adults for information about the resident pursuant to COMAR 13A.15.02.02B(6); and

(2) Ensure that the resident applies for a federal and State criminal background check pursuant to COMAR 13A.15.02.02B(5) and C;

E. Within 15 working days after notifying the office of a new resident, submit to the office:

(1) A medical report on the resident, on a form supplied or approved by the office, that is based on a medical evaluation completed within the previous 12 months; or

(2) Evidence that a medical evaluation of the resident has been scheduled;

F. When the provider plans a temporary absence of more than 2 hours, notify the parents of the children in care in advance that a substitute will be caring for the children during the provider’s absence; and

G. Within 10 business days of receiving notice of a contaminated drinking water supply, send a written notice of the drinking water contamination to the parent or legal guardian of each child enrolled that:

(1) Identifies the contaminants and their levels; and

(2) Describes how the provider will furnish uncontaminated drinking water for children in care until the original water supply is determined by the appropriate authority to be safe for consumption.