.06 Rest Furnishings.

A. The home shall have clean linen and adequate furnishings for rest periods that are comfortable, durable, safe, and appropriate for the ages of the children in care.

B. Each child shall have an individual place to rest that is not used by any other child or resident unless the linens are changed between users.

C. The provider shall furnish for each child approved for care in the home who is:

(1) Younger than 12 months old, a crib, portable crib, or playpen; or

(2) At least 12 months old and younger than 5 years old, a bed, cot, mat, or sleeping bag, except as provided in §D of this regulation.

D. Upon request by the child's parent, the provider shall furnish a crib, portable crib, or playpen as the resting place of a child who is at least 12 months old and younger than 2 years old.

E. Each crib, portable crib, and playpen that is used for child care shall meet the standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

F. Soft bedding items, including but not limited to pillows, quilts, comforters, and crib bumpers, may not be used as rest furnishings for a child who uses a crib.

G. Each child in overnight care, if provided, shall:

(1) Sleep in a separate bed or crib that is appropriate to the child's age, size, and needs; and

(2) Have separate clean linens and toiletries.

H. A child under 12 months who falls asleep in a furnishing other than a crib shall be immediately moved to an approved sleeping arrangement specified at §C(1) of this regulation.