.01 Purpose.

A. The purpose of this chapter is to provide minimum requirements for the operation of private career schools in Maryland. All private career schools shall comply with Regulations .01—.20 of this chapter. A school offering a program in whole or part by distance education also shall comply with Regulations .21—.27 of this chapter.

B. Before issuing a certificate of approval or renewal of approval to operate a private career school, the Maryland Higher Education Commission is to be satisfied that the school is in compliance with these minimum requirements.

C. The State recognizes the special nature of the private career school sector of postsecondary education which provides a diversity of programs in occupational and technical fields. The diversity of programs is both desirable and essential in serving the wide range of occupational interests of public constituencies. The presence of these institutions promotes a competitive spirit which can enhance the quality of education. The sector broadens access by providing an element of choice, making available to students a range of educational opportunities within the scope of the students' talents and aspirations.