.01 Purpose and Scope.

A. This chapter sets forth requirements for institutions of higher education in the State for:

(1) Admission of transfer students to public institutions;

(2) The transfer of courses and awarding of credit for transferred courses; and

(3) Collaboration and communication between institutions on issues relating to transfer.

B. This chapter is intended to:

(1) Maximize the transferability of courses to:

(a) Support timely completion of academic programs by transfer students;

(b) Minimize the need for transfer students to repeat coursework completed at a previous institution; and

(c) Limit the financial burden on transfer students;

(2) Foster collaboration and communication between institutions regarding proposed academic program changes that could impact the efficacy of transferring courses and credits;

(3) Establish a process and timeline for institutional review of a denial of a course or credit transfer; and

(4) Make public and easily accessible all policies and procedures regarding transfer students and the transfer of courses and credits.

C. This chapter is not intended to affect a student’s eligibility for and use of federal financial aid, and nothing in this chapter shall be construed in a manner that would prevent a student from being eligible for or using federal financial aid.

D. Except for Regulations .02 and .13A—H of this chapter, this chapter applies only to public institutions of higher education.