.04 Coordination Between Institutions and Segments.

A. Information for Students and the Public. Institutions shall collaborate to develop and provide to students and the public current, accurate, and consistent information on transfer that is consistent with this chapter.

B. Changes to Curriculum.

(1) When considering any curricular change, including non-substantial modifications to existing programs and changes to individual courses, an institution shall, at the earliest possible time, discuss any changes that might affect transfer students with all applicable public institutions.

(2) For curricular changes that are substantial modifications under COMAR 13B.02.03 and for new programs, an institution shall:

(a) Follow the procedures set forth in COMAR 13B.02.03.19; and

(b) Within 60 days of approval by the Commission, update all relevant student information.

(3) After making non-substantial modifications to existing programs, changes to individual courses, or other curricular changes that do not require Commission approval, institutions shall, within 60 days of the change:

(a) Update all articulation agreements affected by the change;

(b) Provide notification of the curricular change to any other applicable institutions of higher education; and

(c) Update all relevant student information.

C. Establishment of Transferability. Institutions shall collaborate to establish transferability of courses and credits by entering into Program Transfer Agreements, Course Transfer Agreements, or Prior Learning Transfer Agreements whenever possible.

D. Uniform Policies. Institutions and segments shall coordinate to create uniform policies and procedures when practicable.

E. Student Transfer Advisory Committee. The Secretary shall convene a permanent Student Transfer Advisory Committee that meets regularly to review and provide recommendations on issues relating to student transfer and any matters referred by the Secretary.