.05 Information for Students.

A. All Institutions.

(1) An institution shall ensure that all articulation agreements and all information pertaining to transfer students and the transfer of courses and credits are:

(a) Written in language that is clear and explicit;

(b) Comprehensive, accurate, and regularly updated; and

(c) Available to prospective transfer students in publicly accessible sources.

(2) Student information shall include, at a minimum:

(a) Admissions requirements for transfer students at public senior higher education institutions;

(b) Curriculum prerequisites at receiving institutions;

(c) Information about Program Transfer Agreements;

(d) Information about other articulation agreements and sources of established course and credit transferability;

(e) Transferability of general education courses;

(f) Transferability of individual courses;

(g) Credit transfer limits; and

(h) The credit transfer process, including:

(i) How to make a transfer evaluation request; and

(ii) The standards that are used to determine course and credit equivalency.

(3) Institutions shall:

(a) Promptly inform students of changes to admissions requirements, academic program requirements, and any of the other information in this regulation; and

(b) Notify students that:

(i) Students are accountable for the loss of credits resulting from changes to the student’s academic program; and

(ii) Credits earned for remedial coursework are not transferable.

(4) Institutions shall encourage all prospective transfer students to complete an associate’s degree.

B. Community Colleges. Community colleges shall encourage their students to select, as early as possible, the institution and academic program into which they desire to transfer.