.12 Establishment of Transferability.

A. Institutions may establish transferability of courses and credits through:

(1) A Program Transfer Agreement, as set forth in Regulation .13 of this chapter;

(2) A Course Transfer Agreement or Prior Learning Transfer Agreement;

(3) A list of courses that have already been evaluated and deemed equivalent under Regulation .10 of this chapter; or

(4) Any other mechanism that enables a student to determine, prior to registering for a course at a sending institution, whether the course will transfer to a specific receiving institution.

B. Institutions shall, to the fullest extent possible, systematically establish the transferability of courses and credits to facilitate maximum transferability of courses and credits and support degree planning for students.

C. All articulations agreements, lists, and other information that establish transferability shall be:

(1) Published in a central location that is easily accessible for students and the public; and

(2) Reviewed to ensure accuracy on a regular basis, but no less than once a year.

D. Any information regarding the transferability of the course that is publicly available in an institutional source at the time of a student’s transfer evaluation request shall be honored by the institution.