.02 Public Library Associate.

A. Definition. The public library associate provides support services requiring rudimentary knowledge of library service, the library collections, and the policies and regulations governing the library.

B. Job Responsibilities.

(1) The library associate works under the direction of an experienced professional librarian.

(2) Examples of appropriate job responsibilities are:

(a) Assisting library patrons in locating information through the library;

(b) Providing information to the public on library services, policies, and procedures;

(c) Collecting, recording, and compiling information and statistics;

(d) Assisting in the preparation and presentation of library programs;

(e) Operating a small library branch or service outlet;

(f) Assisting in the review and selection of library materials;

(g) Checking and transcribing bibliographic and cataloging information as required; and

(h) Assisting in the development and maintenance of information technology.

C. Education and Training.

(1) To be appointed to a public library associate position, an applicant shall have:

(a) A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution; and

(b) Completed a minimum of 90 clock hours of approved in-service training or 9 hours of formal academic course work in library science.

(2) An appointee with only a bachelor's degree shall have 2 years from the date of appointment to complete the training requirements in §C(1)(b) of this regulation.

(3) Upon completion of the training requirements in §C(1) and (2) of this regulation, Library Associates shall complete 6 semester hours or their equivalent in an accredited institution or in an in-service program in subjects that are relevant to the assignment of a Library Associate every 5 years.

D. An in-service program that forms the basis for credit under this regulation shall meet the standards for approval promulgated by the Maryland State Library Agency.

E. Requirements and Responsibilities of Public Library Administrators and Boards of Trustees. Public libraries shall:

(1) File with the State Department of Education a letter of assurance of compliance with these regulations; and

(2) Maintain personnel records on each library associate to include:

(a) Job description;

(b) Formal education;

(c) Experience;

(d) In-service training; and

(e) Academic courses completed.

F. Requirements and Responsibilities of the Maryland State Library Agency. The State Library:

(1) May perform periodic review and evaluation of the library associate personnel records in each public library system and report to the State Librarian on compliance with these requirements;

(2) Shall develop or assist libraries in the development of in-service education and staff development programs appropriate for the training of library associates;

(3) Shall publish criteria for the approval of in-service training and the awarding of library associate credits; and

(4) Shall approve in-service training for the awarding of library associate credits.