.11 Seed Testing; Fees.

A. Seed groups tested include the following:

(1) Group I—Small grains and legumes:

(a) Austrian winter pea,

(b) Buckwheat,

(c) Corn,

(d) Cowpea,

(e) Crownvetch,

(f) Field Pea,

(g) Flat Pea,

(h) Hairy Vetch,

(i) Lespedeza,

(j) Millet,

(k) Panicgrass,

(l) Rape,

(m) Reed Canary grass,

(n) Small grain (wheat, barley, rye, and oat),

(o) Small seeded legume (clover, alfalfa, and trefoil),

(p) Sorghum,

(q) Sudangrass,

(r) Sunflower,

(s) Switchgrass,

(t) Timothy,

(u) Tobacco,

(v) Vegetables;

(2) Group II—Soybeans;

(3) Group III—Grasses other than those in Group I:

(a) Bermudagrass,

(b) Bentgrass,

(c) Bluegrasses,

(d) Brome,

(e) Fescues,

(f) Lovegrass,

(g) Orchardgrass,

(h) Redtop,

(i) Rescue grass,

(j) Ryegrasses,

(k) Zoysia;

(4) Group IV—Tree and shrub seed;

(5) Group V— Flowers and herbs;

(6) Group VI— Reclamation and wetlands species not listed above such as smartweed, rice cut grass, boneset, etc.;

(7) Group VII—Mixtures of Groups I and II kinds (per component); and

(8) Group VIII—Mixtures of all other kinds (per component).

B. Fees for Seed Testing.

Purity and Noxious $10 $15 $35 $10 $20 $90 $10 $20
Noxious Only $10 $10 $20 $10 $15 $40 $10 $20
Germination Only $10 $10 $15 $30 $15 $50 $15 $20
PGN $15 $20 $50 $35 $30 $120
All Contaminant Extra $10 $25 $15 $15 $10 $25

C. Additional Fees for Testing.

(1) If mixture components are not listed, a complete purity and noxious test will be performed at the rates indicated in §B of this regulation.

(2) An additional $10 shall be charged for germination tests conducted in sand-soil.

(3) Uncleaned or excessively chaffy or dirty samples and other seed tests not listed shall be charged for on the basis of the actual time required to make tests at the rate of $40 per hour.

(4) Miscellaneous fees, which are as follows:

(a) Tetrazolium test for quick indication of viability, which includes a priority fee — $50;

(b) Cold tests—soybeans, lima beans, garden beans, corn, and others — $15;

(c) Accelerated aging test — $15;

(d) Laboratory treatment with fungicide — $10;

(e) Seed count (conditioned samples only) — $10;

(f) Endophyte testing (tall fescue and perennial ryegrass) — $25 seed test, — $35 seedling test;

(g) Round-up tolerance test — $20; and

(h) Priority testing, which is available as the workload allows, but shall be started not later than the next business day — $25.

D. All seed samples treated with any fungicide or other material may not be tested unless the name of the substance is plainly marked on the container.