.03 Reestablishment of Credit.

A. A utility may require an applicant for service who is a present or former nonresidential customer of that utility to reestablish credit under Regulation .02 of this chapter at the time of application if one of the following exists:

(1) Customer owes an outstanding bill for a prior nonresidential service;

(2) Customer's nonresidential account has been terminated by the utility within the last 12 months of prior service for nonpayment of a bill;

(3) Customer failed to pay a nonresidential bill when it became due on more than two occasions in the last 12 months of prior service;

(4) Customer's nonresidential account is more than 1 month in arrears; or

(5) Conditions of service or the basis on which the customer's credit was originally established have materially changed.

B. A nonresidential customer who has established credit and is receiving service but who fails to pay a bill by the expiration date of a termination of service notice, may be required by the utility to reestablish credit by depositing the amount prescribed in Regulation .04 of this chapter, in addition to paying the outstanding bill and a reasonable reconnection charge.