.07 Ballots — Inspection and Referrals.

A. Ballot Inspection. The team then shall inspect each ballot for compliance and tabulating acceptability.

B. Ballots To Be Referred. The team shall refer to the local board any ballot that:

(1) Appears to have been intentionally marked for the purpose of identifying the ballot;

(2) Appears to have been corrected, whether by correction tape, correction fluid, mark-overs, cross-throughs, or the like;

(3) Contains any tear, fold, food spill, stray mark, or the like, that might:

(a) Render the ballot unacceptable for machine tabulation; or

(b) Raise a question of voter intent.

C. Identifying Referrals. The team shall place each ballot referred to the board in a plain envelope, and mark the envelope with:

(1) The team number;

(2) Information that identifies the group or unit to which the ballot belongs; and

(3) The reason for the referral.

D. Completion of Batch. When a team has completed a batch, the election director shall:

(1) Retrieve the ballots and return envelopes;

(2) File the return envelopes away;

(3) Put the ballots in appropriate groups for tabulation; and

(4) Issue a new batch to the team, unless all ballots already have been removed from their envelopes.