50:26 23-265-E/P (Reg .01, .05—.07, .10) EMERGENCY ACTION IN EFFECT 12/12/2023—6/9/2024

.07 Automated Teller Machines.

A. Placement; Limitations.

(1) Subject to surveillance requirements in COMAR and, a facility operator may place automated teller machines on the gaming floor within the facility.

(2) Gaming Floor. The proximity of an automated teller machine to a video lottery terminal or table game that is on a gaming floor is subject to the following limitations:

(a) An automated teller machine may be placed no closer than 7 feet to a video lottery terminal or table game; and

(b) There may be no more than one automated teller machine for every 75 video lottery terminals and table game seats.

B. Withdrawal Limits. Exclusive of transaction fees or surcharges, the maximum amount that a player may withdraw from an account by using an automated teller machine located on the gaming floor is no more than $2,500 per gaming day.

C. Negotiable Instruments Prohibited.

(1) In this regulation, "negotiable instruments” means an electronic benefit card, debit card, or similar instrument issued by the Department of Human Services for the purpose of accessing temporary cash assistance.

(2) An automated teller machine may not accept a negotiable instrument.